Purchased a Sturdy Cake Stacker from the Birmingham IC show for a 4 tiered wedding cake. Used it yesterday and it was brilliant. Went over the bumpy Fenland roads without any damage whatsoever. Absolutely brilliant – can’t recommend it enough and will definitely be buying again for the next stacked cake I do. Thank you for your help and advice. Xox

– Julia Moore


I’ve just used these today for the first time for one of my 5 tier wedding cakes. Really easy to use and gave me more confidence to transport the cake. Will definitely be using them again from now on!! 🙂

– Jayne Fossy


Wedding cake delivered to the beautiful Oakley Hall Hotel and had to be driven 40 miles to the venue. Thanks to Sturdy Cake Stackers the cake arrived safely.

– Kirsty & Dave


The cake didn’t move an inch through a very bumpy delivery across country roads. I will certainly be using them again because it works.

– Sarah Jones


I loved it 🙂 will use for every stacked cake I do! X

– Daisy Donoghue


Really good system to use, I didn’t need to worry about the cake moving at all.

– Tracie Phillips


I used my Sturdy Cake Stacker yesterday for the first time and WOW. I’m so impressed, will be using them all the time. Thank you xx

– Francesca Hennessy


Used the Sturdy Cake Stacker for a lego head cake on a foam separator for his neck, didn’t move at all during it’s car journey & arrived at the party safe & sound, very impressed, definitely recommended!!! Looking forward to trying it out on something else 🙂

– Tracy-Anne Hirst


I used my Sturdy Cake Stacker this weekend for the first time on a 5 tier wedding cake. I will most definitely be using them for all my large tiered cakes. Thank you, thank you 🙂

– Kerry Brotheridge


Thanks to the Sturdy Cake Stacker my four tier topsy turvy Corpse Bride themed wedding cake survived over two hours in the boot of the bride’s sister’s car!!! x

– Lydia Shaw


So excited! Sturdy Cake Stacker ordered #nocarworries. Looking forward to a stress free car journey!!! 🙂

– @lushdivinebakes (via Twitter)


Sturdy Cake Stackers best & most friendly service ever!

– @CakeByDesign1 (via Twitter)


This weekend’s wedding cake. Loved using Sturdy Cake Stackers

– @kerrys__cakes (via Twitter)


We now stock the amazing Sturdy Cake Stackers online! Brilliant for transporting and avoiding collapsed cakes disasters…

– @SweetSuccessltd (via Twitter)


Loved making this #minion #golfcake using the great Sturdy Cake Stackers

– @cakesunlimitedu (via Twitter)


Cake stacker from Sturdy Cake Stackers purchased… I’m a happy girl 🙂

– @AmyChapman25 (via Twitter)


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