About Us


About Sturdy Cake StackerIn true typical British fashion, the Sturdy Cake Stacker was invented whilst chatting over lots of tea and custard creams!

With existing solutions being either impractical or too expensive, we wanted to make cake transportation a breeze and at a low cost.

We thought about creating a spine for the cake, using its own weight as the method of securing. Then we needed to ensure it stayed stable – what better way than securing the spine through the actual board?

Although people do sometimes hammer large pieces of doweling through their cakes, we thought there must be a better solution. That’s why we not only came up with the design of the Sturdy Cake Stacker but the easy to use pre cut boards as well.

Thus, the Sturdy Cake Stacker was born. We’ve been testing and pushing the design to it’s limits and we’re delighted with the results – we’re sure you will be too.

Give it a try and buy your very own Sturdy Cake Stacker today!