10 Unique Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Chalk Board Wedding Cake Design

10 Unique Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Traditional wedding cakes are so old hat! Recently lovers are looking for something different when it comes to the centerpiece of their wedding. We’ve put together 10 of our favourite unique wedding cake design ideas to help get your creative juices flowing – all which can be built around our easy to use Sturdy Cake Stacker system.

1. Separately Designed Tiers

Using different design styles on each tier of the wedding cake can lead to some beautiful, unique cakes.


Designed Tiers Wedding Cake2. Metallic with Contrast

Metallic designs have increased in popularity but we love the idea of contrasting the metals with other colours. What do you think?

Metallic Wedding Cake With Contrast3. Ombre

These ombre designs look modern and stylish, especially when done with shades of grey.

Ombre Wedding Cake Design4. Ruffled

Ruffled wedding cakes mix contemporary styles with a classic feel, creating a highly styled finish.

Ruffled Wedding Cake5. Lace

Being from Nottingham we couldn’t miss out a laced finish in our list, could we? The lace finish adds great style to the simple, elegant design.

Lace Wedding Cake Design

6. Chocolate with Flower Contrast

Another contrast based design, this time featuring a decadent chocolate icing and complemented with a beautiful array of flowers. Why not try with berries too?

Simple Chocolate and Flowers Wedding Cake7. Geometric

These geometric wedding cake designs are ultra-modern and super stylish. A great idea for those who want to stray as far away as possible from the typical classic designs.

Geometric Wedding Cake Design8. Chalk Board

This chalk board wedding cake design is really on trend at the moment and is very different to your typical wedding cake. The black icing is your canvas, allowing a multitude of ideas to be layered.

Chalk Board Wedding Cake Design9. Simple White

A simple white design is more classic than many of those we’ve mentioned so far but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique, stylish cake.

Simple White Wedding Cake Design10. (Almost) Naked

Okay, it’s not quite naked – that might be a little too dull for some people. However we think that an un-iced cake finished with flowers, shapes and berries can look simply stunning.

Naked Wedding Cake DesignWhat’s your favourite wedding cake design? Have you created anything similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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