The Sturdy Cake Stackers* cake support system has been designed to take the stress out of travelling with a tiered cake. It can be used as wedding cake supports or with any other tiered cake. Whilst it has been specifically designed to help prevent cakes toppling over during transportation, you can also use it in a creative manner to support your design or use the stacker itself as part of the cake decoration. Here you can see examples of creative cake designs using the Stacker, shared with us by happy customers.

It’s heart breaking to spend so much time creating a beautiful cake, only for the delivery to end in disaster. The Sturdy Cake Stacker cake support system is designed around a central spine in order to support the cake – unlike other designs, the spine connects through the bottom of the cake, cards and board, so there’s no need to be hammering unhygienic wooden dowels through the top of your cake, which can leave an unsightly mess.

With Sturdy Cake Stackers, there’s also no need to hammer through the card, which can potentially leave debris and end up with people eating pieces of cardboard. Pre cut cake boards and cake cards are available, so there’s no messing around with craft knifes or power tools – the hard work is already done for you.

The cakes slide into position effortlessly. The Sturdy Cake Stacker can even be cut to size using your own sharp household scissors. However, it is very important you still dowel your cake as normal.


The best feature is that our cake support system is both cost and time effective. We all know there is not always a huge amount of money in cakes and as you can travel with your cake pre stacked, leaving no finishing off on site, you can even let someone else collect the cake.

There’s also no need for long drives to collect any expensive support systems following the wedding or event, no charging large deposits and hoping that the catering staff have not lost, damaged or even stolen your equipment and you can even remove the Sturdy Cake Stacker as soon as you are on site and dispose immediately, leaving no trace that it was even there.

As well as all this, the Sturdy Cake Stacker is 100% food safe.

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*Patent Pending